Do You Accept Debt Cards?

Yes!, and we have an ATM at our store if you prefer to use cash!


Do You Deliver? 


Do Your Prices Include Tax?


What's Your Privacy Policy?

Yes, yes, Yes, YES!!

You betcha! 

We take privacy seriously. We do not share your data with any other organization. To receive communications from us you must double -opt-in. Anytime you want to stop receiving communications from us text "STOP" or click "unsubscribe" on email.  Click HERE to read our full privacy policy.


As a licensed retailer, Apothek accepts customer returns. If the product is faulty or you have a reason to return it, then bring it back or we will send a replacement product for no charge. You must have an ID, so we can verify it was you who purchased it. We keep receipts electronically of all transactions, so we can look-up your order quickly and see the receipt. Apothek does not resell ANY returned cannabis goods. We destroyed it, or, if defective, returned to the distributor.


What's Your Return Policy?